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Sleep Quality in Athletes and Exercisers

28 February 2020

This study is an online survey addressing the importance of activity schedules (training and competition), personal characteristics, daytime behaviour (napping and fatigue) and night-time sleep patterns on wellbeing and performance of Athletes and Exercisers.

The survey takes only 10-15 minutes to complete.

Interested participants will be sent a personalised sleep feedback regarding their sleep health (sleep quality, sleep reactivity, pre-sleep arousal and sleepiness levels).


Ethical approval

The present study has been approved by Loughborough University’s Ethics Approvals (Human Participants) Sub-Committee on May 17th 2019 (Reference number: SSEHS-2549).

About the researcher

Rui Pereira is a PhD student at Loughborough University and will be responsible for running the study.

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