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25 June 2018

This study compares the use of alitretinoin and PUVA therapy in the treatment of severe chronic hand eczema. Participants may be suitable to take part if they are over 18, currently suffer from eczema (also called dermatitis) on their hands & their hand eczema makes performing everyday tasks such as cooking, dressing, working etc. difficult. Treatment is given for 12 weeks.Study visits are 4 weekly for 36 weeks & 8 weekly until week 52 where the hands will be assessed & questionnaires completed


Ethical approval

The study has been reviewed and approved by the Leeds West Research Ethics Committee (ref: 14/YH/1259)

About the researcher

Further information about the study is available at https://medhealth.leeds.ac.uk/info/423/skin/1964/alpha_self-screening_questionnaire

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