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Mind-focusing practices and body image in adults aged 65 plus

04 November 2018

This study is an online study which aims to investigate how different types of mind-focusing practices impact on how men and women aged 65 years or over think and feel about their bodies. Research on body image in adults aged 65 years and over is very limited, and it is hoped that the findings from this study will help us to shed some light on this topic, and develop appropriate interventions to improve the quality of life of people in this age category.


Ethical approval

This study has been reviewed and approved by the University of Southampton's Ethics Committee on the 11th September 2018 (Ethics ref. no. 41640).

About the researcher

My name is Ronald Zammit and I am currently in my final year of clinical psychology doctoral training (DClinPsych) at the University of Southampton (UoS) in the UK. My main area of research interest is the psychology of adults aged 65 plus, particularly aspects relating to body image. This project forms the main part of my doctoral thesis.
This project is being carried out under the direct supervision of Dr. Catherine Brignell, Ph.D. (Director of Research, UoS) and Professor Lusia Stopa (Professor of Clinical Psychology, UoS).

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