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Exploring the Cognitive Profile of Adults with Dyslexia

04 June 2019

Do You Have Dyslexia?

The aim of this study is to identify everyday difficulties that people with dyslexia experience above and beyond known difficulties with reading and spelling. In particular, this study is looking at working memory and prospective memory. This study is also interested in looking at this cognitive profile compared to people without dyslexia.

It will involve the completion of two questionnaires, and a series of measures of working memory and prospective memory.


Ethical approval

This study has been reviewed and approved by the Psychology and Human Development department ethics committee at UCL Institute of Education.

About the researcher

I'm a MSc student studying Psychology of Education at UCL Institute of Education. This study is part of my dissertation project looking at prospective and working memory in adults with dyslexia. Your participation is highly appreciated!

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