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How to attract more participants in three easy steps!

25 November 2014

Finding the right participants for your study can be challenging and time consuming so you need to make it as easy for them to take part as possible when you do. Here are three tips to help you get a better response from participants:

1. Use appropriate language

Participants can be easily put-off by academic language - if they do not understand what your study is about they are unlikely to take part. Avoid using long academic words like ethnomethodological or vasodilator as not many people will understand these terms and you don't have space for a glossary!

2. Don't just copy and paste

Pasting unnecessary information or links into your study page may deter potential participants and confuse fellow researchers. Make sure the information you upload is relevant, appealing and readable (refer to the first point).

3. Promote your work

It's not enough to just place your study online, you need to actively promote it to relevant audiences. Using the powerful promotional tools built into the website will help you to reach as many potential participants as possible, they will also provide you with useful information on where your participants are coming from. By using these free tools you can focus your recruitment efforts where they work best, removing the guess-work and saving you time. Activate the tools by using the share buttons within your dashboard.

For more tips on how to improve your study page, visit our best practice guidelines.

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