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New resource to help researchers recruit participants

13 January 2016

We are on a mission to provide researchers with the best possible resources and support for recruiting participants. A few weeks back we released a new exciting feature on this journey and today we take a big step forward by offering official enhanced support and live chat.

What does this mean for you?

Where you find the live chat button

If you've recently logged into Call For Participants, you will have noticed a little blue circle in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. This gives you direct access to us and offers several new features:

  • You can now ask any questions to take your recruitment to the next level via live-chat
  • Receive better customer support for any problems you may come across when using the website
  • Receive personalised tips & tricks throughout your user experience

Direct access to CFP through the chat bar

Using this technology you have now a new resource for all matters regarding participant recruitment. So go ahead - take us for a test-drive.

We have updated our T&C's and Privacy Policy to help bring this new enhanced service to you.

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