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CFP becomes a part of Jisc

02 May 2017

When we founded Call for Participants over 4 years ago, we made it our goal to bring the exciting world of academic research to a wider audience and give them the opportunity to take part in research studies from universities around the world. In the process, we simplified and made the academic participant recruitment task easier for thousands of researchers. To date, we have facilitated over 40,000 participations with people from 176 countries contributing to the advancement of knowledge.

Today, we take another big step towards our goal and are delighted to announce CFP platform will soon change ownership and will be delivered by Jisc. Jisc are a not-for-profit organisation who provide a vast portfolio of quality digital solutions to UK education and research sector including eduroam wireless connection, the ultra-fast and safe Janet network, and subsidised access to major academic journals. We know that this is a fantastic opportunity for the platform.

As we focus our efforts within Jisc to continue building new online tools for promoting and discovering research participation opportunities, we will put a lot of emphasis on growing the CFP platform in terms of both available studies and our community of people interested in taking part.

So what does this change mean for you?

Currently - nothing. You can continue using Call for Participants as you have. Over time, we will be assessing our platform and bringing out a variety of free and paid products aimed at making more fruitful connections between researchers and participants. Our focus will be on:

  • Providing new features to make staying in touch with interesting research opportunities even easier
  • Increasing the number of participants per study
  • Delivering a better help service to make you make the most of the CFP platform
  • Increasing universities involvement on the platform
  • Providing products for research groups within universities
  • Providing new opportunities for commercial companies and other partners on the CFP platform

We want to take this opportunity to say big heartfelt "thank you" to all our researchers and participants, who have used CFP throughout the years, and we are excited for what is to come.

Call for Participants Co-Founders Dan, Martin, and Matt

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