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Grief and bereavement: Syrian refugees in the UK

23 February 2017

Are you a Syrian refugee or asylum seeker in the UK? Have you lost a loved one in the war, or on your way into Europe? Do you know somebody who fits this description? If yes, then this study wants to hear your voice. I am a doctoral researcher in Psychology. My research aims to document and analyse the story of your loss as you experienced it. This information would be a valuable addition to psychological literature, by helping psychologists to understand your pain through your own voice.


  • Syrian refugee living in the UK
  • Age: 18 or over
  • Have lost a loved one in war or in the journey into Europe
  • Basic knowledge of English

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Ethical approval

This doctoral level study has been approved by the DPsych Ethics Panel at Regent's University, London, on 25/01/17. It is conducted in accordance with the British Psychological Society's Code of Ethics and Conduct (2009). Sometimes talking about loss and grief is painful, especially when there are added stressors in life. All efforts are made in this research to protect you from unnecessary emotional pain. I am happy to share details about data protection and all other safeguards.

About the researcher

I am a doctoral student at Regent's University London, doing research in Counselling Psychology. As a migrant myself, I am aware that the dominant narrative of the host country can drown out the voice and unique experience of a person from a different culture. Grief and bereavement are highly personal and painful experiences. For a Syrian refugee, who has lost much along the way, losing a loved one must be especially painful. I am interested in knowing how you make sense of being in this position. My aim is to privilege your voice over all others, because only you know what you have been going through.
This research study is being supervised and overseen by Dr. Anna Butcher and Dr. Elaine Kasket.

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