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The lived experience of 'Diabulimia:’ Using insulin for weight control

20 June 2019

This study aims to explore what it like for individuals with type 1 diabetes to use their insulin for weight control. Research has established that eating disorders are more prevalent in individuals with type 1 diabetes, yet the use of insulin for weight control is much less understood and researched. This practice can sometimes be known as diabulimia.


Ethical approval

This study has been approved by the Metanoia Research Ethics Committee on 9th June 2019

About the researcher

I am a student at the Metanoia Institute studying for my doctorate in counselling psychology and psychotherapy. I have knowledge and insight into the demands of diabetes and eating disorders, both personally and professionally.

I hope that the findings of my research will raise awareness and inform treatment pathways, professional training, and clinical practice for those working with your demographic.
To understand your experience as much as possible I would like to invite you to have a one to one conversation with me. This meeting can take place at a time and location agreed by us both.
Please remember that I am interested in your experience, so there is no right or wrong answer to the questions I will ask you.

This research is being supervised and overseen by Dr Joel Vos.

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