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Personality, Learning, and Emotion Recognition (online study)

10 April 2020

This study is interested in how personality affects learning. The first part of the study is several questionnaires of your personality, your motivations, your friendships, etc. The second part is three experimental games that assess learning: a shape game, an arcade style game of chance, and an emotion recognition task.

The entire study will last about an hour (between 50-65 in a pilot study).

You will be entered into a prize draw to win 1 of 5 £20 vouchers.


  • Participants must
  • 1) be aged between 18 and 65
  • 2) not have a current diagnosis of schizophrenia/psychosis
  • 3) or dementia/mild cognitive impairment
  • 4) not be taking anti-psychotic medication (all other medication is fine)
  • Technical requirements: the experiment section of this study is only compatible with Windows computers running Chrome due to compatibility issues. Using a Mac or Safari causes crashes. There are sounds for the computer tasks which are vital so you will need to either wear headphones or be able to hear the sounds clearly without distraction.
  • if you have any questionnaires feel free to drop us an email

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Ethical approval

This study is approved by the University of Nottingham's Ethics Board (Ethics code: S1214)

About the researcher

My name is Christopher Dawes and I am a 2nd year PhD student from the University of Nottingham. My main area of interest is schizophrenia, but I also look at personality, learning behaviour, and more recently applying Virtual Reality to Psychology. This study is one in a series of experiments we've designed to try and improve the well being of those with mental health issues.

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