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Why Tinder? Motivations and effects

26 March 2016

Dear Everyone!
This would be a fun project about why people use Tinder and what are the effects of it.
I would need 40 students who actively use and 40 students who do not use Tinder. In this moment I would need people who use it especially but everyone is welcome to join. In the first part, the task would be filling out 2 online questionnaires (max 15 min) and the second part would be the actual experiment, where you will have to rate a group of Hungarian students on attractiveness.


  • Males and Females
  • Age: 18-35
  • People who use Tinder (ESPECIALLY) and people who do not use it

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Ethical approval

This student project has been approved by the Departmental Ethics Committee of Goldsmiths University and runs with the supervision of Professor Jonathan Freeman.

About the researcher


My name is Lilla Asztalos, I am studying on the Goldsmiths University in their MSc in Foundations of Clinical Psychology & Health Services. I come from Hungary and came here in September. Although I love London very much, it is not easy to find people for my dissertation project, since I do not know that many people yet. I will be grateful forever if you would help me :)

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