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Cyber-crime in online game

03 May 2019

Cybercrime is an issue which impacts the lives of many Australians and can be extremely upsetting for victims. The consequences can be many and varied, including personal hurt, distress, privacy violations and financial loss. Young people (that is, of school age) are particularly vulnerable to cyber-crime while playing online games
This project seeks to understand the types of cybercrime to which young people are exposed while playing online games, and the rate of incidence of their exposure


Ethical approval

An ethical approval has been received from Macquarie university ethical committee to proceed for my thesis which is the prevalence of cyber-crime in online games during school period

About the researcher

the study is being conducted by the Co-investigator , Chalak , Student ID : 44707525 , to meet the requirements of the Master of Research under the supervision of Michael Hitchens, the chief investigator in the faculty of science & engineering in the department of computing

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