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Psychophysiological resilience and stress profiling

31 October 2017

This study will explore how young people who look after a family member with an illness or health condition respond to stress. It will also explore what may impact resilience. Looking after a family member can be stressful, but many young people cope well.
This study aims to find factors that help young people cope and look at a stress hormone called cortisol. By finding factors that help young people to cope we can support those who are struggling with their caregiver role.


Ethical approval

This study is ESRC funded and as such has been given full ethical approval by the Social Sciences Research Ethics Council at the University of Bath.

About the researcher

I am a final year Psychology PhD student who is passionate about identifying factors which can help young carers to cope and lead to evidence based interventions which allow the development of resilience in stressful circumstances.

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