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What makes a great golf putt?

04 October 2019

What makes a great putt? Take part in our study to gain novel insights on the psychophysiological determinants of golf putting performance! You will receive reports on a wide range of parameters, including your eye movements, brain activity, cardiac activity, putting kinematics, and performance while you putt golf balls to a target on a flat surface. Right-handed individuals of any golfing ability and experience (from recreational to expert) are welcome to participate.


Ethical approval

This study was approved by the ethics committee of our School with reference SSEHS -2496

About the researcher

I am a Research Fellow at Loughborough University. My background is in Cognitive Neuroscience & Psychology, and my research interests lie in the psychophysiological determinants of performance in precision sports.

Bachelor of Science in "Psychological, Cognitive, and Psychobiological Sciences", University of Padova, 2004
Master of Science in "Experimental Psychology and Cognitive-Behavioural Neuroscience", University of Padova, 2009
Master of Medical Science in "Sport Sciences with Specialization in Sports Psychology", Lund University, 2013
Master of Science in "Sports Science: Diagnostic and Intervention", University of Leipzig, 2013
PhD in "Sport & Exercise Sciences", University of Birmingham, 2018

Further info on my institutional page: https://www.lboro.ac.uk/departments/ssehs/staff/germano-gallicchio/

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