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Interactive video gaming to improve balance and decrease risk of falls.

13 January 2020

In this study, we aim to determine whether playing interactive videogames on a balance board using a Nintendo Wii device can help improve older adults balance and decrease their risk of falls. We chose to concentrate on videogames because in recent research older adult have reported being bored, unexcited and not motivated when asked to use traditional methods of exercise. Research has also shown that older adult people are not regularly engaging in physical activity.


  • For a study on the impact of exergames (exercise + gaming) on Postural control and the risk of falls
  • Elderly aged 65+ years, preferably with a history of falls and balance problems and no neurological disorder.
  • Participants will play a series of interactive videogames aimed to enhance their ability to balance and prevent further falls.
  • Assessment: The study will require three assessment sessions: one before the start of the training, one after the end of the training, and one 60–90 days after the training. Each session will last for approximately an hour.
  • Training: The study will require eight weeks of training, 1–3 times a week; each training session will last for approximately 30 min.
  • Participants will be expected to attend the sessions at Loughborough University NCSEM.

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Ethical approval

Ethical approval for this study was obtained from Loughborough University School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences Ethics committee on 11th August 2019. (R19-P179).

About the researcher

I am Hammad Alhasan, a PhD researcher at the university. I am a lecturer and physiotherapist who specialises in geriatric rehabilitation. I, along with my Master and PhD student colleagues, will be happy to carry out the training sessions with you at Loughborough University. This study is part of a student research project supported by Loughborough University.

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