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Experience of yoga practice for female survivors of child sexual abuse

10 August 2019

This proposed study seeks to explore the lived experiences of yoga practice for the female survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse. Violence against women is a growing public health concern and a social justice issue. The aim of the project seeks to gain a deeper understanding of women’s experiences of engaging in yoga practice and its relationship (both useful or detrimental) to their experiences of childhood sexual abuse.


  • Recent experience of practicing movement-based of Yoga (at least for eight weeks)
  • Identify yourself as a female
  • Identify yourself as an adult survivor of child sexual abuse
  • Not have any threat from the current relationship(s)
  • Not have any suicidal ideation
  • No recent hospitalization ( for eg. in the last 3 months) due to any psychiatric illness

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Ethical approval

This study has been approved by School of Psychology Research Ethics Committee, University of East London on 07.05.19 with minor amendments and final approval on 30.05.19.

Aditi Sharma

Director of Studies (Supervisor)
Dr. Jeeda Alhakim

About the researcher

I am a third-year trainee Counselling Psychologist at the University of East London and with training and experience of working with female survivors of sexual violence at Rape Crisis.

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