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Cannabis vaporisation study for healthy volunteers

31 January 2019

We are conducting an imaging study looking into the acute effects of cannabis. We are looking for people aged 16-17 and 26-29. Overall, you will get paid £150 + travel + extra bonuses for task performance (~£25).

There are 4 sessions, spaced over a 4-8 week period, held at UCL and Hammersmith Hospital.

The sessions at Hammersmith Hospital will involve active administration of vaporised cannabis or an inactive placebo. Every participant will receive both. You will also have an MRI brain scan.


  • • Healthy Volunteer
  • • Be available in the working day to come to Hammersmith Hospital for 4+ hours, on 3 occasions
  • • No diagnosed psychiatric disorder
  • • Never had psychosis or have a family member with psychosis
  • • Male and Female
  • • Age 16-17
  • • OR Age 26-29
  • • Currently be a regular cannabis user
  • • Able to have an MRI scan
  • Note - there are other eligibility criteria that are assessed over the phone.

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Ethical approval

Ethical approval granted by UCL Ethics Committee, project ID 5929/005.

About the researcher

We are researchers from University College London's Clinical Psyhopharmacology Unit. We conduct research into how drugs affect people's minds and brains in the short and long-term.

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