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My Baby and I Project

02 March 2020

Do you have a child under 2 years old?

Have you ever wondered: 'Does my baby feel the way I feel?'

This study aims to explore whether and how the mood, emotions and relationship style of parents may be linked to their babies' emotional development. Understanding these emotional links may help new parents and their babies, and particularly the parents who experience highly changeable mood - such as Bipolar Disorder- to get the support they need when they need it.


  • Mothers and/or fathers with a child up to 27-months old
  • 18 +

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Ethical approval

The Research Ethics Committee of the University of Edinburgh has ethically approved this project.

About the researcher

My name is Aigli Raouna and I am PhD student at the University of Edinburgh. Family has always been a priority in my life, and I feel passionate about exploring ways to support new families in their journey from early on.

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