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University of Bristol - Voice Assistant Study

27 April 2020

This project is looking at the impact of voice assistant technology (Amazon Echo Show) and how it can impact social isolation in older adults who are living with others, as well as older adults who may also be self-isolating due to covid-19. This study will run for up to 12 months and will involve interviews and surveys. Interviews will take place using the Echo Show, or over the phone. FOR MORE INFO: https://tinyurl.com/yayfm448


  • Be aged within the older adult demographic (50+)
  • Live with or have regular visits from at least one other person
  • A working broadband connection (internet connection)
  • EITHER: Be socially isolating due to covid-19
  • OR: Identify as socially isolated
  • Have not previously used/own Amazon devices
  • *Must be based in the UK*

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Ethical approval

This study has gained approval from the University of Bristol's Faculty Research Ethics Committee (FREC). Approval ref no. 102503.

About the researcher

I am Ewan Soubutts, a second year PhD researcher in the Digital Health and Care research group at the University of Bristol. This research takes place in the field of Human-Computer Interaction, a research specialty which is supported through the Department of Computer Science at the University of Bristol.

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