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Online Memory Challenges - for all age groups!

16 August 2019

We are investigating how Working Memory changes as we grow older. We are looking for participants of all ages and nationalities to complete a set of memory challenges and puzzles and online (around 30 minutes).


Ethical approval

The study was approved by the local ethics committee at the University of Edinburgh (approval number: 262-1819/2)

About the researcher

This research is conducted by an international research team (based in the UK, the USA, and Switzerland), comparing three different theories of Working Memory (the human ability to keep track of ongoing thoughts, plans, actions, current tasks, and changes around us).

Working Memory allows us to focus on what we are doing, avoid distractions, switch from one task to another, solve problems, navigate around a shopping centre or city, or do several things at once such as walking and talking. However, there are vigorous debates among scientists about what limits our Working Memory ability, and how those limits change as people move through middle age and into their older years.

The aim of the project is to investigate whether all of Working Memory declines with age or whether some aspects remain largely intact, with important implications for design of technology for older users, and for lifelong education and training.

For more information, please follow our Twitter account: @WoMAAC or visit our website http://womaac.psy.ed.ac.uk/

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