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Reading with babies and children

04 June 2020

Tell us your views on reading with babies and children?
Are you:
Expecting a baby or
The parent, carer or guardian of a baby or child who is 0-5 years old and
Living in the UK?
Have 5 minutes to spare?
You are invited to complete this short questionnaire to help researchers from Swansea University learn more about when and why parents and carers read with their babies or children.


  • Expectant parents or parents/carers/guardians of babies and children aged 0-5 years old.
  • Living in the UK.

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Ethical approval

This study was approved by Swansea University College of Arts & Humanities on 20/5/20
Approval No: SU-Ethics-Student-200520/2775

About the researcher

I am a Phd researcher from Swansea University.

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