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How to maximise your recruitment this Christmas

08 December 2014

The end of term doesn't have to mean a halt to your participant recruitment efforts. Take advantage of one of the best recruitment opportunities in the academic calendar and maximise your efforts this Christmas to get the participants you need.

Why Christmas?

While many participants and researchers will be enjoying the festivities, it’s a time of year when many of us are on holiday and could do with a little extra income. Follow the steps below to help maximise your recruitment this season:

1. Offer a reward

It can be an expensive time of year for many, so why not offer an incentive or reward to participants. With so many offers and sales on at this time of year you'll need to be a bit more creative with your incentives. Check out our top ten rewards for inspiration.

2. Get social

With 24hr access to our FREE promotional tools you can easily promote your study to all of your contacts and social networks any time of day or night. Use the insight provided by these tools to track where your participants are coming from so you can focus your efforts where they are most successful.

3. Visibility and accessibility

Make sure your study can be found by participants. If your study is visible and accessible on our website then you have immediately widened your societal impact and participant reach, so ensure when you create your study that you publish it to our website.

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