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Recruit participants for your surveys, interviews, and any other research studies the smart way.

What is a study page?

Study Page

The Study Page is an advert for your research study on the Call for Participants platform. It puts your research in front of thousands of potential participants from around the world visiting the CfP platform daily.

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Online community

The Study Page puts your researchers in front of the thousands of potential participants visiting Call for Participants. Visitors can self-select into participating in your research provided they meet your recruitment requirements.


When you publish your Study Page, we will send a notification email to matching people in our signed-up participant pool.

Recruitment poster example

1-click recruitment poster creation

The Study Page is great for recruitment online. But what if you want to advertise around your university or home town? Not a problem - with a single click, you can turn your Study Page into a beautifully designed recruitment poster.

Info that matters

The poster also includes key info like print and expiry date, making easy for people managing notice-boards to know when it is okay to take your poster down or when to keep it up.

Tear-off tags with trackable codes make it easy for people to get to your Study Page and take part.

Screen shot of Study Page statistics

Statistics monitoring

If you use our promotion tools for posting your Study Page on social media or sharing via email, we will provide traffic and participation statistics from each place where you promote your study. This way you can see exactly where the participants for your study are coming from and focus your recruitment efforts on where they work best.

More features

Promotion tools

Call for Participants is integrated with all major social media sites. Helpful tips from our staff teach you how to maximise your promotion on these platforms and recruit all the people you need.

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Age, gender, or any other requirement is shown on your Study Page so potential participants exactly who is needed for the study, giving you the demographic you need.

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Quick & easy to use

We are here to make life easier. All of our services are designed to be quick and easy to use.

Money-back guarantee icon

Money-back guarantee

We put our money where our mouth is - if you recruit less than 10 participants, you are eligible for a full refund. See our Terms & Conditions for more.*

CfP promotion icon

CfP promotion

If your institution permits it, give us rights to promote your study on your behalf and every study will be posted on our social media channels to expose it to relevant audiences.

Preview link icon

Preview link

A special preview link allows you to see and send your Study Page to your supervisor or ethics committee before it is publicly available. This way, they can review and provide feedback before you start recruitment.

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Your research, your way

You have two options for conducting your research. You can provide a link where participants are sent to - perfect for online surveys or scheduling tools. Alternatively, you can choose to be forwarded participants' contact details.

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World-class help

If you get into trouble, know that you are in good hands with our helpful staff always on hand via live-chat.

Landing page icon

Beautiful landing page

Study Page makes it easy for participants to get all the information they need about your study including completion time, compensation for their time, type of study, and requirements to partake.

Security icon

Safe & secure

We do not have access to your participants' responses and we don’t share any participant data with 3rd parties.

Guides icon

Help guides

Our dedicated Help Centre provides answers to questions, quick start guides, and everything you need to get started with CfP.

Ethics icon

Ethics approval

We understand the importance of ethics and go to great lengths to assist you in conducting ethical research, as well as displaying ethics approval information on your Study Page.

Taking your recruitment to the next level is easy, why not do it now.

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But don't just take our word for it
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"Using Call For Participants has allowed me to promote my research to the relevant people from one easy-to-use interface"

James Sprinks, PhD Student
University of Nottingham
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"Call for participants made it incredibly easy for me to see exactly how many research studies were currently recruiting at my university and whether or not I fit the criteria in a few quick clicks"

Guy Storey, Clinical Psychology
Participant, University of Liverpool
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"Call for Participants has been absolutely great for my research...It’s great to have a website that is purely dedicated to recruiting participants for academic research..."

Claire Mitchell, Clinical Psychology
PhD Candidate, University of Western Australia
Using Call for Participants as a researcher

Case study

Hear from Dr Ian A Clark from UCL who used Call for Participants for recruiting participants for examining memory and its origins.

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Study Page


For individual researchers

One-off payment

Access to CfP participant pool

Study emailed to potential participants

Promotion tools incl. 1-click poster

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For research groups & faculties

Annual subscription

100 Study Pages for members
(60% discount)

Dedicated space collecting all research from members

Group branding on Study Pages

Management tools

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Digital Noticeboard

£167/ month

For entire university / college

Annual subscription

1000 Study pages for students & staff
(90% discount)

Fully automated

Dedicated recruitment space

University branding on Study Pages

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*Participation is considered successful when we send you the participant's contact details or when the participant is directed to your survey link, depending on the settings you specify.


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