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The Digital Noticeboard answers one simple question - What research is happening at your university right now?

Example Digital Noticeboard

Who is it for?

The Digital Noticeboard is aimed at your university or college's IT, marketing and communications, or research officers who manage your organisation's research presence on the web.

What are the benefits?

The Digital Noticeboard brings together all recruitment Study Pages that any user from your university has created. It becomes a beautiful landing page showcasing exciting current and past research that your staff is doing.

Branding feature example


Digital Notice board makes any Study Page created by your staff or students carry your institution's logos.

Dedicated space example

Dedicated space

The Digital Noticeboard is your university's recruitment space. This way the general public can find and engage with your research from all departments just by visiting one web page. It comes complete with:

  • Your own cover image
  • Your logos
  • Your own URL
    (e.g. www.callforparticipants.com/your-university)
Person browsing a Study Page on CfP

Study Pages

The Digital Noticeboard comes with 1000 Study Pages that your staff and students can use to recruit participants for their studies. This is handled by your university domain so all your staff need to do is log in using their university email address or via UK Institution Federated Access.

Automatically collated Study Pages

Fully automated

The best part is - you don't need to do anything. The Digital Noticeboard is fully automated giving you all the benefits above without increasing your staff's workload. This leaves your research administrators doing what they do best - helping your researchers.

Setting up your Digital Noticeboard is easy, why not get started now.

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Some of our existing customers
What do researchers say?
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"Using Call For Participants has allowed me to promote my research to the relevant people from one easy-to-use interface"

James Sprinks, PhD Student
University of Nottingham
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"Call for participants made it incredibly easy for me to see exactly how many research studies were currently recruiting at my university and whether or not I fit the criteria in a few quick clicks"

Guy Storey, Clinical Psychology
Participant, University of Liverpool
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"Call for Participants has been absolutely great for my research...It’s great to have a website that is purely dedicated to recruiting participants for academic research..."

Claire Mitchell, Clinical Psychology
PhD Candidate, University of Western Australia

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The Digital Noticeboard forms only a part of our product offer for academic organisations.

Study Page


For individual researchers

One-off payment

Access to CfP participant pool

Study emailed to potential participants

Promotion tools incl. 1-click poster

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For research groups & faculties

Annual subscription

100 Study Pages for members
(60% discount)

Dedicated space collecting all research from members

Group branding on Study Pages

Management tools

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Digital Noticeboard

£167/ month

For entire university / college

Annual subscription

1000 Study pages for students & staff
(90% discount)

Fully automated

Dedicated recruitment space

University branding on Study Pages

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