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Public awareness on the impact of aircraft noise pollution on health

17 October 2017

Nowadays, the trend is towards using capital-intensive machinery and increasing the number of vehicles and aircrafts: regrettably, this has given birth to a continuous approval of noise as a concomitant product of advancement. This research will assess whether or not people are aware of the adverse impact of aircraft noise pollution on health. Participants in this research will include people who live close to airports.


Ethical approval

Ensure that the respondents are informed of the risks and of the fact that they have the right to not participate in this study if they choose to do so. Additionally, their data will be kept anonymous and confidential and I will ensure that they are aware of this. This study has been approved by the Business School of Emirates Aviation University, UAE, on 20th September 2017.

About the researcher

Hi! This is Talha Naeem - final year student pursing a BSc Air Transport Management (Hons) degree.

To be completely honest with you, I never had a life-long fascination with airplanes. Changing circumstances coupled with idiopathic urticaria and I found myself studying at the only aviation dedicated university in the GCC: Emirates Aviation University. Ever since then, each module has started to grow on me and has made me a more knowledgeable person.

Outside of university, I am massive cinephile and love spending time with family and friends. Oh and music is life.

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