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Giving birth in the UK

09 September 2020

The study is open to anyone who has given birth in the UK at least once, either in public or private healthcare. Participants must be 18 or over.

The survey aims to gather data about experiences of childbirth in private and public healthcare in the UK, ranging from positive to negative and anything in between.

Mothers who have had negative experiences are also invited to participate in a one-to-one interview with the researcher (see email address above).


  • - Have to have given birth in the UK at least once in private or public healthcare structure(s)
  • - 18 or over

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Ethical approval

The project has been approved by the Central University Research Ethics Committee (CUREC) at the University of Oxford (approval reference number: R71127/RE001). The project is designed to be in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the UK and the EU.

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