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COVID-19: Changes to Daily Life, Wellbeing and Mental Health

11 June 2020

This online survey aims to examine the changes to daily life that people have experienced relating to COVID-19 and how these might have influenced their wellbeing and mental health.

We would like to invite autistic and other neurodiverse adults (e.g.adults with ADHD ) age 18 and over to take part in the study. We are also looking for relatives (e.g. parents, siblings, spouses) of an autistic adult to take part on their behalf.


  • Age 18+
  • Living in the UK
  • Either: self-identified or diagnosed autistic or neurodiverse (e.g. ADHD) OR the relative of an autistic adult who would be unable to take part in survey research themselves

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Ethical approval

This research has been granted ethical approval by the King's College London PNM Research Ethics Subcommittee
Reference: HR-19/20-18279

About the researcher

This study is being run by Simone Capp, David Mason, Dr. Emma Colvert and Prof. Francesca Happé who are researchers at King’s College London.

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