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How does social behaviour relate to how we eat? (Online Study)

01 May 2020

We are investigating how the way we interact with others may be related to eating behaviours. We are looking for participants who struggle with their weight (BMI>30).

All participants will complete online questionnaires/tasks now and then a shorter version 3 months later.
Then participants will be offered online support groups aimed at improving wellbeing and social connection, and also a new eating support App for 6 weeks.

£15-55 offered in Amazon vouchers as a 'thankyou'.


  • Male or Female
  • Age 16+
  • Obese weight range (BMI>30)
  • Living in UK
  • No neurological disorder (e.g. epilepsy)
  • No psychosis
  • Must have access to a computer and good internet connection

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Ethical approval

This study has been approved by the Research Ethics Committee of West Midlands - Solihull Research Ethics Committee on February 17th 2020 and the Health Research Authority.

About the researcher

This project is going towards my PhD at King's College London.

I hope the results from my PhD will be used to identify new treatment targets for people struggling with weight issues.

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