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Exploring the value of friends & family members to improve stress awareness

22 August 2018

We study how your peers can report relevant emotional states such as stress occurring to you in the daily living. You invite trusted peers to participate, e.g. family members, work colleagues, close friends with whom you have regular contact via face to face, phone calls, messages, etc. You answer short surveys during the day about perceived level of stress, fatigue, pain, anxiety and sleep. Peers answer short surveys about how they perceive your level of stress, fatigue, anxiety and sleep.


Ethical approval

This study has been approved by the Ethics Commission of the University of Geneva in Switzerland (No. CUREG.201807).
To join the study you need to be 18 years old or above, and use a smartphone with Android OS. When you download the "mQol Lab " from the Google Play Store, we provide you with all the details regarding the informed consent.

About the researcher

I am currently a PhD student and a Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship holder at the Quality of Life Technologies Lab of the Institute of Services Science at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. My research combines fields of information systems, machine learning and human-computer interaction applied to assessment and improvement of the individual’s quality of life; specifically, improving the assessment of human stress. I research non-invasive methods that profit from the availability of sensors people can carry in their daily living (either embedded in smartphones or other wearables).

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