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Parental Leave in the UK (PLPUK)

08 April 2020

This research examines the development and use of parental leave policies in the UK. In particular, this project is interested in the ways that parenting culture (or dominant ideas about what good parenting involves) shapes the kinds of leave options available to parents and how parents choose to use leave. This question is explored from the perspective of black parents to better understand how both parenting culture and parental leave policies are linked to race, gender and class.


  • Black parents
  • Have a baby that was born between 1 August 2020 and 31 October 2020
  • Live in the UK

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Ethical approval

This study was granted ethical approval by the UCL IOE Ethics Committee in March 2020.

About the researcher

Dr Patricia Hamilton is a Marie Curie Fellow in the Thomas Coram Research Unit at IOE UCL. Her research focuses on parenting experiences, particularly of black parents.

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