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Decisions about having children: financial, living and personal obstacles

13 October 2020

This research study explores decision-making about having children for those facing financial, living and personal obstacles. I am interested in speaking to people between the ages of 18-45 living in the North East of England who have not had children, or as many children as they may have wanted, as a direct result of concerns about income, living arrangements, childcare costs and other factors. Taking part involves a 60 minute phone or online interview with Sarah.


  • You are being asked to take part in an interview for 1 hour about your life experiences, circumstances, and decisions that have led you not to have children or as many children as you may have wanted.

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Ethical approval

This Project Has Been Approved by the University of Manchester’s Research Ethics Committee.

About the researcher

Dr Sarah Marie Hall (Principal Investigator) is a Reader in Human Geography in the School of Environment, Education and Development, Faculty of Humanities at the University of Manchester.

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