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Understanding effects of group exercise participation on wellbeing

20 July 2020

This study is conducted to understand the effects of physical activity or exercise participation on wellbeing during a difficult time like COVID-19. It also aims to understand the effects of belonging to a group such as a running, cycling, walking or yoga club; on physical activity participation, resilience (an ability to adapt to difficult situations) and wellbeing of individuals.


  • Age: 18 years and above
  • Associate with cycling/ walking/ jogging/ running/ aerobics/ yoga/ Zumba group or classes for at least 6 months
  • Living in India/UK

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Ethical approval

This study is approved by Ethics Approvals (Human Participants) Sub-Committee at Loughborough University.

About the researcher

This study is conducted by Vaishnavi Sridharan, under the supervision of Dr Karl Steptoe & Dr Jamie Barker as a part of a student research project supported by Loughborough University.

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