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MSc Construction Management

28 July 2019

I am a MSc Part Time Student studying in Construction, I have decided to undertake my thesis in Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Materials for UK Railway Infrastructure Projects. I am looking for willing volunterers to undertake my survey to obtain data to present within a framework agreement I would like to submit to the government following the final submission

If anybody wishes to see more details or request a copy of the final thesis, please get in contact through the details on this site


  • The survey is not prejudice to race, sex, age or religion and simply interested in the view point of your sustainability understanding and thoughts.

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Ethical approval

A risk assessment on public suveying has been assessed and signed off from Loughborough University regarding the data protection act.

About the researcher

This is a subject close to my heart and might provide an opportunity to help do more about the high CO2 emissions in the UK.

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