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Cross-cultural comparison of rape victim blaming

04 July 2018

This study examines the effect of culture, victim characteristics, and personal attitudes on victim blaming in rape. It is important to investigate these factors because, for example, whether the rape survivor reports the event is directly related to community and personal perception about rape .


Ethical approval

This study has been approved by the ethical committee of Goldsmiths University Psychology department on June 12th 2018.

About the researcher

I am a final-year Psychology student in London and passionate about cultures and people. Furthermore, I got very interested in women's rights, the causes for violence against women, and how to prevent it. While doing an internship in Cape Town, South Africa, I started to understand that culture has a great impact on how women are perceived - by both men and women. I want to find out how this influences rape victim blaming to work towards fair sentencing of perpetrators and the right support for victims.

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