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The Gut Microbiota - Cross sectional Study

15 May 2019

More than 3.5 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes, while 12.3 million people are at increased risk of Type 2 diabetes in the UK (Diabetes UK).
Recent animal studies have pointed towards gut health playing a role in metabolic health, insulin sensitivity modulation, and thus diabetes risk. These findings have not been confirmed in humans yet.
We are conducting a study investigating the link between gut health (microbiota distribution and gut permeability) and metabolic health.


  • The current inclusion criteria include:
  • • No smoking men and women between 18 and 70 years old.
  • • Overweight or obese. Body mass index (BMI) = 25- 50.0 kg/m2
  • • Currently not taking anti-inflammatory drugs (excluding aspirin)
  • • Not taking antibiotics and antimicrobial drugs for at least three months
  • • Both physically active and sedentary individuals will be eligible to take part in the study.

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Ethical approval

Ethical approval has been granted by Loughborough University Ethical Committee (Ref. R18-P206)

About the researcher

Malvina Begalli is a PhD student at the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, Loughborough University

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