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Can writing about your experiences help deal with the impact of Covid-19?

09 May 2020

The aim of this research is to investigate whether writing about any difficult or emotionally disturbing experience during quarantine/self-isolation due to the outbreak of COVID-19 will improve your mental well-being. We also intend to analyse the writing you provide and capture the common difficulties most people experience so we can use this data to advise people in need and potentially policy decisions. All of your response, including your writing, will be anonymised and will not be linked to


Ethical approval

This study is approved by the University Research Ethics Committee (UREC), Ref: 2020-9417-15057 Review at University of Manchester, UK.

About the researcher

We are a team of PhD students wanting to make an impact during this difficult time. After working days and nights, we have developed this research project that may help people during quarantine and potentially improve their mental well-being. The difficulty we are facing is that not a lot of people know about this. If you are interested in participating, please do. If you don't, please share. It may help someone to get through this difficult time.

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