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Participants of all ages wanted for paid nutritional research

06 March 2018

We are the Brain, Performance and Nutrition Research Centre, a research department within Northumbria University located in Newcastle city centre. Our research is focussed on investigating how the things we eat affect how our brains work. We specialise in conducting trials looking at how particular components of the diet, such as the plant chemicals contained in berries or chocolate, fish oils or other novel ingredients impact our memory and ability to concentrate and also the way we feel.


  • We are currently recruiting for a number of studies and need healthy adults of all ages (18-80) to take part; participants must be able to attend sessions at Northumbria University at Newcastle. Feel free to spread the word to anyone else whom you think might be interested in being a research participant!

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Ethical approval

The supplements we test have all undergone safety checks and all of our studies have to be given ethical approval by the Northumbria University Faculty of Health and Life Sciences Ethics Committee to go ahead.

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