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People's Beliefs about the Nature of Self-control

06 December 2018

This study has been designed to investigate how people perceive self-control. Self-control is what enables people to stick to their intentions (e.g., to eat healthily, to save money for a holiday, keep studying, focusing or practicing sports), resist temptation (e.g., to eat too much cake or buy a pair of shoes you don’t need), and to control their emotions (e.g. holding back tears, stopping ‘freaking out’ or keeping cool in front of a crowd).


Ethical approval

the study has been approved by the Department of Psychology’s Research Ethics Committee on 05/12/2018 (Ref. 023662). If you would like any further information on this study, please contact Ahmad Assinnari on Email:aaassinnari1@sheffield.ac.uk

About the researcher

Ahmad Assinnari is cognitive neuroscientist & physician.

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