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Adaptive photography equipment for people with impairments.

13 April 2019

There aren't many camera adaptations available on the market to help photographers with impairments. Most cameras are built for the right hand and right eye dominant users. So people need adaptations that can help them make their experience better.
The purpose of this study is to,
1. Find out the key areas in a scenario that exhibits a problem.
2. Know about user's interest in the types of photography, camera equipment and the coping strategies that help them with their photography.


Ethical approval

This study has been approved by Loughborough University, United Kingdom. The ethical checklist and participant information form has been signed and approved by the Design School, Loughborough University. This study is also examined by a personal project supervisor. The survey will also be completed anonymously.

About the researcher

Hello everyone, I'm a product design student from the UK. I'm currently working on my final year project and I need people who can help me in taking their time to fill a quick survey. I'm a photographer myself so I have planned to design an adaptation that can help people with any impairments, to take their camera out and enjoy their photography experience. It would be really helpful if even one can take the survey and share it with their friends or anyone they know.

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