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Skeletal Muscle Responses to Nutrition in Older Men

04 April 2019

Ageing is associated with a progressive loss of muscle size which is called sarcopenia. The ability of the muscle to remodel and grow in response to high protein foods is reduced in older people, and this contributes to the development of sarcopenia. However, the precise reasons for this blunted response to nutrition is not fully understood. This study will further explore the reasons for the reduced muscle responses to food in older men.


Ethical approval

This study has been approved by the Loughborough University Human Participants ethics sub-committee (R17-P177, Jan 2018).

About the researcher

The project is conducted by Miss Stephanie Gagnon as part of her doctoral studies . The research is being led by Dr Neil Martin, a lecturer in Cellular Biology at Loughborough University and Dr Carl Hulston, a senior lecturer in Nutrition and Metabolism.

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